Buying Time

Buying Time is an alarm clock app for Android that discourages oversleeping by asking you to pledge a dollar amount for each minute overslept, to be donated. The donations, after fees, are sent to


100% of the revenue from the app (after Google's fees) goes to
Please help support the further development of this and other apps by donating.


We know it's important to see exactly where your money is going. That is why we keep our full financial spreadsheet online for any one to view. There are two tabs; one that show the money received from the app store, all transaction fees and the amounts sent to the account and one that shows how the money in the Kiva account was lent.

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Open Source

Our commitment to transparency continues with the source code. The entire source for Buying Time is publicly available on GitHub under the extremely open MIT license. We welcome contributions from others to make the app better and believe you have the right to know exactly what it is doing on your device.

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Community Controlled

Kiva is unique in the fact that they operate by offering micro loans to struggling entrepenuers in areas that do not have access to banking. This means you choose who the money is lent to and 99% of that money is returned to lend again and again. We have chosen to use Reddit as the platform for suggeting and voting on where the money should go.

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